How To Make Money Online From Youtube


YouTube is half the internet, and around 1.9 billion users log in every month. And, at the same time, 500 videos are uploaded every minute. Meaning you have a wide array for creating your fortune.

Today YouTube creators have become self-made stars by gearing their content towards entertainment, teaching, reviewing, and lots more. There are ample ways of creating money on YouTube. Some of are discussed below:

Earn from ads by becoming YouTube Partner

The YouTube Partner program gives you access to a myriad of features for creating fortunes. But, it is not necessary to join the YouTube partner program to create wealth. You can simply set up an AdSense account after hitting 1000 subscribers and 4000 views. Afterward, you can earn from ads that show on your channel. However, partnering with YouTube gives you advanced access to Super chat, channel memberships, merchandise shelves, and more.

Selling your merchandise

Maybe you can make your identity as a content creator first and entrepreneur second, but it’s a great idea to upfront your business with billions of users. You can decide your product and sell on YouTube, coming out from rat hole, i.e., Offline marketing. Partnering with YouTube and following YouTube Marketing Strategy can help create a decent amount of money for your livelihood.

Creating Sponsored content

Beating the bush around, you don’t have to be an influencer on Instagram to create sponsored content. And, the win-win situation is you don’t have to share your fortune cut with YouTube. No worry, you can directly negotiate with the brand, and it’s getting popular to make money through YouTube.

The sponsored content works as if you're providing relevant content to their target market to a vast and diverse audience, and they'd undoubtedly love to hear from you.

Become an affiliate partner

If you have an engaged audience to your YouTube, in that case, you can contact companies that invest in affiliate marketing. You can earn a percentage of sales by encouraging your viewers to buy the product or visit the brand’s online store or specific product pages from the affiliate links. However, affiliate marketing may sound like sponsored content to some extent.

Using Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is a way to make money through executing your exciting idea in front of billions of viewers or your audience. Donations for an idea that people find enticing, so try to be more productive while creating any project. Whether you need funds for buying equipment, releasing an exciting video, hiring actors, or else, you can call upon your audience to pitch in and donate.

Get License of your content to the media

Every news outlet runs behind a video if it goes viral. They want a copy of the video in their hand to run for their audience. Well, the established media companies are aware that they need to pay for the use. And, here, you got a chance of making money on YouTube. As a content creator licensing your work to the media will be a wise idea.


The sky is unlimited for the content creator, and you can make millions from your content. The primary revenue is created through AdSense. On average, YouTube makes $3-$5 per 1000 video views and if you have a larger audience, it can give you a decent paycheck.


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