Top 7 Freelancer Sites To Work And Earn From Home


Individuals and students are now attracted to freelancing more than ever. People now want to have a side hustle that gives them some sort of additional fund every month. And as we all know, the internet is a very powerful tool and there are tons of things you can do online to earn. Today's blog is for those who are looking out for opportunities to work as a freelancer. So, the top 7 websites where you can start your freelancing journey are:-


Chegg is an American company that provides scholarships, online tutoring, textbook rentals, content creation, etc., services to students around the globe. Based on the American education system, Chegg tries to help all students upskill themselves to their full potential. And they often hire subject matter experts for various subjects like mathematics, science, history, Civics, etc. eligibility criteria is:-

  • You have to be a verified student in any diploma, bachelor's, master's, etc.


Started by MIT graduates, Upwork is the biggest freelancing website that you will find on the internet. You can simply register yourself and offer your skillset-based services to people who are trying to find freelancers. Fields of work include writing, data analytics, photography. Architecture, legal, engineering, software development, web/mobile-based services, and much more.


Similar to Upwork, is the ideal place to work as a freelancer. People simply post projects and try to find freelancers who will do their work with expertise. Fields of work include writing, data analytics, photography, Architecture, legal, engineering, software development, web/mobile-based services, and much more.


Counted among the top 10 freelancing websites in India, Worknhire was started in 2012 in order to bridge the gap between clients and freelancers in India. You can also search for contractual and jobs on this site along with freelancing opportunities.

99 Designs

If you are creative and can design using software like photoshop, lightroom, etc., then this is the perfect place from where you can start your journey into the designing world. People here try to find designers who are talented enough to complete their projects on time with precision.


This platform is best for those who want to learn new and certify their current skillsets. One problem online is that people don't trust each other easily. But youth4work finishes this gap by testing and certifying users by the various test they have designed. You can complete the tests and if passed, those results will be visible on the profile, which will help people to hire you!


Outsourcely is one of the most diverse websites when it comes to searching for work opportunities. People here can search out full-time as well as part-time gig opportunities. And the work fields are endless. You can find any type of work here, which can start from digital marketing, real estate, software development, writing, legal, etc. This is one of the best sites to have a side income.


If you have the talent, all you have to do is find the correct place where you showcase your work. Try searching for opportunities every time. Because a little bit of side income never hurts anyone.

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